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Our Services

Hollander Plazzer & Co is a full service law firm that can help you with all off your legal needs.  Because we are an affiliation of lawyers, there is a lawyer available to assist you in the following areas:

Family Law

Our lawyers can assist you with:

     ~  Divorce
     ~  Custody
     ~  Child Apprehension
     ~  Separation Agreements
     ~  Marriage Agreements
     ~  Property Division

Real Property

Our lawyers have been approved by most of the major banks, credit unions and trust companies. We can help you with:

     ~  Property Purchase Transactions
     ~  Subdivisions and Rezoning
     ~  Commercial Transactions
     ~  Mortgages
     ~  Easements
     ~  Sales

Criminal Defence

Our firm has representation in criminal courts.

In addition to the above services Hollander Plazzer & Co.can also assist you with Wills, Estates and litigation matters of all sorts.